July 7, 2022

現在你可以利用這個 – 台灣烏來必做的 7 件事

July 7, 2022

烏來在哪裡 照片由 Instagram @live_in_bkk.taiwan.now_japan 烏來區位於台灣北部的一個山城。這是一個泰雅部落村莊。相傳烏來這個名字最初是泰雅族原住民“Ulay”的稱呼,意為溫泉,因此當地的溫泉頗有名氣。 此外,烏來瀑布、櫻花、烏來老街原住民美食也是特色。 [...]

Apple sets next event for Oct. 30 with iPads, Macs likely on tap

June 23, 2022

Get ready for new iPads and Macs. Apple plans to host an event on Oct. 30 in Brooklyn, New York. While the company never actually says what it’s [...]

Security flaws in mobile point-of-sale systems spell money trouble

June 20, 2022

Cheaper payment systems may cost businesses less, but they could’ve wound up costing customers more. That’s the word from a pair of security [...]

Apple is rethinking the hearing aid — and now Android is, too

June 19, 2022

Google is making life a bit easier for people who suffer from hearing loss — with official hearing aid support in Android. On Thursday, the company [...]

Apple’s iPhones hit a wall. Now we know how bad it is

June 18, 2022

When Apple warned earlier this month that sales over the holidays were as much as 11 percent lower than expected, it was a shock. Now it looks like a [...]

Huawei has reportedly developed its own OS in case it can’t use Android, Windows

June 17, 2022

  Huawei may have a ‘plan B’ in case its relationship with the US gets even rockier. The Chinese telecom giant told German publication Die Welt [...]

T-Mobile and Sprint execs to defend merger on Capitol Hill

June 17, 2022

T-Mobile and Sprint executives are headed back to Washington, DC, next month to defend their planned $26 billion merger, as Democrats in the House of [...]

Vertu emerges from bankruptcy with the $4,000 Aster P phone

June 15, 2022

Super luxury phonemaker Vertu filed for bankruptcy and liquidated its stock of hyper expensive phones back in 2017. But apparently the company is back to [...]

Android Q: Best and worst features of Google’s beta OS so far

June 6, 2022

With the annual Google I/O developer conference right around the corner, we can expect to soon hear about what that Google has in the works for the rest of [...]

We took the iPhone XS and XR into 26 foot deep water. Only one survived

June 5, 2022

The iPhone XR and XS are not waterproof. But they are water resistant, and you can take them for a swim without too much concern. According to Apple, the [...]