Apple is rethinking the hearing aid — and now Android is, too

June 19, 2022

Google is making life a bit easier for people who suffer from hearing loss — with official hearing aid support in Android. On Thursday, the company [...]

Vertu emerges from bankruptcy with the $4,000 Aster P phone

June 15, 2022

Super luxury phonemaker Vertu filed for bankruptcy and liquidated its stock of hyper expensive phones back in 2017. But apparently the company is back to [...]

Android Q: Best and worst features of Google’s beta OS so far

June 6, 2022

With the annual Google I/O developer conference right around the corner, we can expect to soon hear about what that Google has in the works for the rest of [...]

IPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: What iPhone should you buy?

May 30, 2022

If you’re in the market for a big-screen iPhone but don’t want to pay upward of $1,000 for an iPhone XS or Max, the iPhone XR (which starts at [...]

IPhone XS specs vs. XS Max, XR, X: What’s the same and different

May 30, 2022

The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR phones are updates to last year’s iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus. The iPhone XS retains the familiar design of the [...]

MoviePass’ new 3 movies per month for $10 plan is live

May 28, 2022

A MoviePass membership is like a roller coaster ride that’s sometimes full of movies and other times strangely missing them. The service Wednesday [...]

Samsung’s foldable ‘Galaxy F’ phone just raises more questions

May 28, 2022

Samsung is hinting hard that its first foldable phone, rumored to be called the Galaxy F, will make an appearance this Wednesday at the company’s [...]

IPhone XS Max or iPhone XS Plus? The final rumors before the Apple Event

May 28, 2022

With days to go until the next iPhone launch on Sept. 12, it seems like we’re still playing a guessing game and the latest rumor has an iPhone Max [...]

Need some good news? Ask Google: ‘Tell me something good’

May 16, 2022

In this day and age, the news can be a constant source of dread, but Google thinks it doesn’t have to be that way. Google just released a new feature [...]

Qualcomm’s plan for 5G Android phones in 2019: Here’s what’s coming

May 15, 2022

If your next Android phone taps into 5G speeds, chances are you have Qualcomm to thank. The world’s largest chipmaker has a hand in nearly every top [...]